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Uganda is one of the countries that houses rich ethnic diversity, which includes most of its population speaking three major languages - Bantu, Nilotic and Central Sudanic. According to the 2014 estimates, the population of Uganda is around 39,234,256, up significantly from 2013’s estimate of 33,640,833. he life expectancy in the country is around 52.72 years, with the life expectancy of males being 51.66 years and 53.81 years for females. Due to the high marriage rate in the country, the age structure is skewed towards the younger generations with the 48.1% of Ugandaís population being in the 0-14 year-old age group. After that, 25.1% of the population of Uganda is in the 25-64 year age group. Lastly, 21.5% of the total population is dominated by the 15-24 year age group.

These statistics show that Uganda can boast about a large population that can be classified as a work force, which can in turn help in its growth. However, with a huge percentage of the population that is so young (0-14 years old), it could prove to be a grave situation for the country because it has to provide for these children and make sure that it can control its high birth rate.

It is against such background that the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has developed this Labour Market Information Portal to share information on Uganda's Labour market Trends: Please use the portal to download all information in regards to labour in this country